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Formopia: Advanced Data Collection Solution

Formopia is an advanced data management tool that facilitates easy data collection, compilation and reporting in a distributed, collaborative, web-based environment.

Data is collected through online web based forms that are created with Formopia’s easy to use Form Designer. A master list of users who provide the data is maintained within Formopia. These users are organized into groups. Users (or a group) are notified about the online data collection forms. Users provide data by filling in the online form. The status of the data collection effort is transparent during the entire process. Data collection notifications can be scheduled ahead of time. Collected data is automatically stored in a structured database that can be used to run a variety of reports.

This data can be exported into files of various formats or seamlessly fed in to other interfaced third party applications. Formopia offers several features such as single sign-on, directory integration, address book with contacts and groups, scheduling, monitoring, alerts and notifications. All this functionality comes in an easy to use interface that requires no installation, setup or maintenance.

Flexible account plans are available for individual users as well as organizations of all sizes. Formopia Free is the basic account plan that is free to all users. Get started with this no cost option and upgrade your plan later - only if necessary. Formopia also offers custom solutions for organizations that would prefer to integrate Formopia within their IT infrastructure.

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