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Collecting Data from People: Costly, Slow, and Unreliable

Proper collection and management of data require business processes that are as important to most organizations as they are challenging and frustrating for them to carry out.

Common Data Collection Methods and the Problems they Present

Printed Forms: Historically, organizations have been forced to print stacks of each of their paper forms in order to guarantee that every form they need is consistently availability to their data-providing users. To these organizations, “data collection” means asking a user to fill out and return any number of forms. Ultimately, paper forms cannot enforce data entry rules or ensure that all required fields have been filled in properly. In addition to these issues, hand scribbled data from printed forms must be interpreted by someone who will then manually enter the perceived data into a master spreadsheet, database or other data storage solution. Such tasks are tedious, costly and prone to human error.

Email and Electronic Forms (E-forms, Spreadsheets): Thanks to its ease of use, email has become a viable alternative to using paper-based forms for data collection. In essence, electronic forms or spreadsheets are distributed, via email attachments, to data-providing users. While this approach is significantly better than paper-based data collection methods, there are still numerous pitfalls.

Custom Software Solutions: When the volume and recurrence of collected data becomes so massive that current data management practices are ineffective, some organizations have resorted to developing their own software solutions solely to collect, compile and manage data.

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