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Formopia in Practice: How Formopia is used by Different Organizations

Market Research

Rich is the president of a small market research company. His company helps local businesses understand the demographics of their target markets in order to develop effective advertising campaign strategies. By creating simple online surveys for each advertising campaign, Rich uses Formopia to identify the effectiveness of different advertising channels and campaigns. After he analyzes the results of these surveys to measure the effectiveness of each ad campaign, Rich is able to provide his clients with the best strategy for their money. Rich also incorporates embedded forms from Formopia into his client's Web pages, which helps his clients gather contact information and generate new business leads.

Rich has a Formopia Professional account, which ensures that he has more than enough secure data storage available. For less than $20 per month, Rich is able to deliver outstanding services to his clients.


Jonathan is a senior partner at a law firm. After noticing improved efficiencies and better communication between his fellow partners and associates, he discovered his office manager recently began using Formopia to gather data. Regularly submitted data is now managed easily and quickly through the effective use of online forms, templates and regularly scheduled communications.

Jonathan’s firm now has a Formopia Enterprise account, which provides his company extensive data storage capabilities.