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Formopia Enterprise
Enterprise-Wide Data Management!

Most organizations and businesses today need to collect specific information on a regular basis. Yet, many of us are forced to struggle when attempting to retrieve that timely information from employees, customers or clients.

Formopia Enterprise is the best solution for sharing, capturing, gathering, managing and storing all types of enterprise-bound data. Formopia Enterprise provides robust tools that efficiently capture information from sources within and outside your organization.

You can custom brand forms with a company logo and corporate style and can even embed forms directly in a Website’s HTML code for a seamless and elegant look.

Formopia Enterprise allows you to go big and indulge by providing 2GB of data storage on our secure hosted servers. That is more than enough space to store several thousand online forms, templates and responses.

When it comes to collecting data, Formopia Enterprise is a powerful, yet affordable solution for organizations of all sizes.

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