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Formopia Free Plan - Always Free!

Formopia Free provides a basic account that is adequate for most users' storage needs. This is always free and all you need is an email ID to sign up.

Sign Up for a Premium Plan - Get 6 months for FREE!

Formopia offers a number of premium subscription plans, with a variety of data storage options. New users may sign up for the Formopia Free account, or try one of Formopia's premium plans for free for 6 months. No credit card is necessary to take advantage of this offer.

When you log-in to Formopia for the first time, you will be given a choice of plans to choose from. By default, you are signed up for the Formopia Free plan after registering. Simply choose a premium plan option and you will be upgraded to that plan for 6 months for free!

What Happens After 6 Months?

You will be notified when your 6-month trial period to the premium plan is about to expire. After the first 6 months, You will have the choice of continuing with your premium plan at the regular monthly or annual rate, or you may revert back to the Formopia Free plan at no cost and pay nothing.

Formopia Free provides 2MB of data storage. All the premium plans provide substantially more storage. If you start with a premium plan and have accumulated more than 2MB of storage during the first 6 months of free trial and do not wish to pay for the premium plans, simply download all your data to a spread sheet, delete it on Formopia and downgrade your plan to Formopia Free and pay nothing. You can continue to use Formopia Free plan as long as your online storage does not exceed 2MB.

Or if you prefer, start with the Formopia Free plan, and upgrade to a premium plan as your data storage requirements grow. You will still not be charged anything for the premium plans during the first 6 months of use. Formopia Free plan will always remain free.

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